Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mantaray Watches.

Hello ladies..have you ever thought your wrist can look extra beautiful? Yes they do... With these super-kawaii Mantaray watches. With the flowery, embroidery, glittery and butterfly motif they surely do make your wrist (and you) look so chic and cute.

1. Ladies White Butterfly Dial Strap Watch
Code: 042
Price: MYR280

2. Ladies White Glitter Mock-Crock Strap Watch
Code: 043
Price: MYR280

3. Ladies Brown Glitter Mock-Crock Strap Watch
Code: 044
Price: MYR280

4. Ladies Beige Laser Cut Strap Watch
Code: 045
Price: MYR270

5. Ladies Tan Floral Plaited Strap Watch
Code: 046
Price: MYR260

6. Ladies Brown Whip Stitch Strap Watch
Code: 047
Price: MYR180

7. Ladies White Flower Plaited Strap Watch
Code: 048
Price: MYR260

8. Ladies White Mini Floral Dial Watch
Code: 049
Price: MYR150

9. Ladies Purple Flower Strap Watch
Code: 050
Price: MYR280

10. Ladies Black Embroided Strap Watch
Code: 051
Price: MYR280

Hola customers!
Place your order by putting the code of the item you want in the ORDER FORM (scroll down to the bottom of this page). You'll get a reply from me soon. Any queries please email me:
Thank you.

Prices is include shipping to Malaysia.
Delivery date: Will be shipped once the payment is cleared.
ETA: 6 working days to your door.

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